Santhosh Sebastian – is a global AML Compliance Professional. In his career spanning over
thirteen (13) years, he has strengthened the compliance culture of leading UK headquartered
banking institutions and key financial players in countries including the UAE, India, and
Afghanistan. He has a proven track record in handling challenging compliance and risk
assignments across various regions and markets, implementing AML/CFT controls. He has
worked closely with globally recognized regulatory authorities, including FINTRACA (FIU of
Afghanistan), UAEFIU ( FIU of United Arab Emirates, DFSA – Dubai Financial Services Authority
(Independent financial regulator – common law jurisdiction), and FSRA – Financial Services
Regulatory authority (Common law jurisdiction).
In addition to wielding strong technical capabilities in Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Mr.
Sebastian advocates embracing fintech to drive the AML compliance profession. His prominence
in the fin-tech space is further underlined as he leads the upcoming blockchain/Defi
technologybased banking institution Crypto Bank in the capacity of Chief Compliance Officer &
Chief Risk Management Officer.

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